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Training course in Valencia, Spain June 2013:

Dancer-turned-doctor starts classes for Parkinson's patients October 2012

Artist Disabilities October 2012

Therapy Ballet March 2012

Therapy Ballet for Kids with Movement Disabilities March 2012

Forbes India, Multimedia Slide Show March 2012

Little Girl with cerebral palsy gets shot at Joffrey ‘Nutcracker’ Chicago Sun-Times Dec 2011

Orland girl with CP gets shot at Joffrey’s ‘Nutcracker’ Southtownstar,a Chicago SunTImes Publication Dec 14, 2011

The healing powers of dance. AARP The Magazine. March 15 2011

Parkinson’s disease patients dance their way to improved health May 2010

Overcoming Cerebral Palsy With Ballet ABC-News Jan 2010

Against All Odds: Dancing With Cerebral Palsy ABC-News Jan 2010